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InovaTrack Vessel Tracking System


InovaTrack Vessel Tracking System is the management by which a company is transporting fleet and this includes any motor vehicle or rail car. There are various functions that take place with the fleet cars and with vessel tracking the company will make sure that the driver is practicing speed management, fuel management and safety while driving the vehicle or rail car. With this, a business can reduce the times that they transport items and they can be more efficient in the way that they track those items and the amount of money that the spend on fleet.

The Functions

There are many functions with fleets that are dealt with and managed by vessel tracking, and this can be either in-house or out-sourced by whoever is providing for the fleet. Fleet management is most common in European countries and there are many commercial fleets that come from that area. The use of roads in Europe has increased due to this; for the most part, a lot of the transportation there takes place from rail cars and metro buses. There are free tracking websites that any company can use to track their fleets without having to worry about any products not being delivered on time, or where their drivers are located. When it comes to tracking ships, this is essential, not only for business reasons but for safety reasons. This is going to assist you and your fleet drivers in communicating with each other. This will also help you to avoid any marine traffic on the way – being that it’s free; you won’t have to worry about any monthly charges.

More Benefits from Vessel Tracking

InovaTrack Vessel Tracking System can also be done from your smart phone. If you’re on the go and you don’t have a computer around you, you can open your smart phone browser and type as an application on your phone and track the fleets if you’re occupied doing something else. Not only does this application act as a InovaTrack Vessel Tracking System, but it also has a gallery full of photos and a news link that will deliver breaking news about fleets and vessels, or any news for that matter. There are good websites and application to have, and it’s going to help you keep track of your fleet drivers while managing your company. The fleet is detected and with the help of it you can reassure that your men and your ship is traveling safely.

InovaTrack  is  a  web based  application.  Therefore  user  can  access  the  application  from  anywhere  using a web browser connected to the Internet.

Using InovaTrack users can track and monitor their vessels real‐time, anytime, anywhere.

System Features :

• Web-Based monitoring application.
• Display real-time vessel track.
• History playback.
• Geofencing.
• Maintenance Scheduling.
• Alert by SMS and Email.
• Fuel consumption monitoring.
• Satellite Tracking for Global Coverage (Optional).
• Report.

Satellite Based Tracking :

• Capable to track vessel on open sea.
• Using satellite communication for sending and Using low cost IsatM2M network.
• Worldwide coverage:

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