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InovaTrack Vehicle Tracking System

InovaTrack a GPS Tracking System GPS Vehicle Tracking System or Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL). By utilizing the technology of Global Positioning System (GPS) and GSM / GPRS, the system allows the user to know the location of vehicles that are monitored, in real-time and automatic. Users can view the location, direction, speed and route of the vehicle on a map displayed on a computer screen, PDA or smart phone. InovaTrack also automatically monitor, make a report even gives alerts for certain events. Alerts can be viewed on a computer screen or sent via Short Message Service (SMS) to the owner of the vehicle.

Benefits to be gained from InovaTrack GPS Tracking System that is:

• The owner can monitor the vehicle position in real time anytime
• Improve the safety of vehicles, including the risk of theft
• Pressing the risk of misuse of vehicles
• Increasing productivity vehicle use
• Pressing vehicle operating costs
• Facilitate communication between the owners of vehicles with driver

In addition, InovaTrack is the right choice because it has various advantages such as:
• Experience in implementing quite a lot of vehicle tracking system
• It has a wide selection of products that can be customized to your needs
• Can be easily integrated with back-office systems that exist
• Can be customized to suit your needs
• Low Operational Costs

The main features contained in InovaTrack Vehicle Tracking System are: 

• Real-Time Monitoring

Users can monitor the vehicle in "real-time" either automatically or on request. The frequency of data transmission by vehicles can be arranged by the user as needed. In addition, users can request a vehicle current position as well.

• History

Users can view and analyze the position and the route followed by vehicles in the past. By using a client application, users are also able to replay the route of the vehicle so as to analyze it further.

• Over-The-Air (OTA) Configuration

Tracking device settings can be changed easily by the user using a client application or web. These settings include the frequency of the position data, speed limits, emergency telephone numbers and area geofence. Server sends commands to the tracking device setting changes malaui SMS or GPRS.

• Geofencing

InovaTrack Server automatically analyzes the position of the vehicle and give a report when and where vehicles exit or enter the geofence areas specified by the user. Area geofence is an imaginary rectangular area that limits certain locations, such as the location of the office, warehouse, customer location, and so forth. InovaTrack Server can also send a SMS alert to the owner if the vehicle or out of certain geofence area.

• Alert

Alert InovaTrack Server can send a SMS to the user when the vehicle exit / entrance area geofence or exceed the speed limit.

• Auto Response System

Users can request information regarding the current location of the vehicle by sending SMS to InovaTrack Server. InovaTrack Server will immediately reply with an SMS containing information about the location of the requested vehicle. To provide such data, if necessary, the server will send a request to the tracking device in question.

• Reporting

InovaTrack automatically analyzes every existing vehicle position data and generate reports needed, such as the Detailed Activity Report, Events Report, Geofence Report, Speeding Report and Driver Log Report.

• Fleet Management

In addition to working to monitor vehicle location, InovaTrack also has basic functionality to provide fleet management fleet management data, the rider and his time-table.

• Maintenance Schedule

InovaTrack help user to track maintenance record and automatically calculate next maintenance time based on the vehicle mileage, time period, or engine hour parameters.

• Map

InovaTrack utilize GIS engine that can allow users in the management of the displayed map. Coverage area and the type of object that is displayed can be tailored to the needs. InovaTrack can read a variety of standard map formats, such as ArcView (SHP) and MapInfo (MIF). In addition, InovaTrack can also display the Digital Elevation Model (DEM)which lets users know the approximate height of a particular location.

• Security and Privacy

InovaTrack implement strict Security and Privacy. Users must use the User ID and Password are correct to be entered into the system. In addition, users can be grouped into several levels, such as guest, operator, supervisor, administrator and owner. Each level has a specific use rights. Auto Response System was to validate the PIN, so the only person entitled to send a request via SMS.

  • Work Flow

  • InovaTrack workflow of GPS Tracking System can be viewed as shown below :

    InovaTrack workflow of GPS Tracking System

    Monitored vehicles fitted with a device called the Vehicle Tracking Device. These tools utilize GPS technology to calculate the position of the vehicle.

    Data about the position of the vehicle sent by the device to InovaTrack Server via SMS or GPRS communication media on the GSM network. The use of GPRS as a medium of communication has advantages in terms of operating costs are much lower and the reliability of data delivery.

    InovaTrack Server to record and analyze any data sent by the vehicle position. These servers provide data to clients via client or web applications. The server also serves to send alerts to users who use either client applications or to the owner via SMS.

    Users using the client application and the web can see the position of the vehicle in the form and route maps. Users can also view the report, the results of analysis and setting up either through a client application or from the web.

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