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Fleet Management GPS Tracking System

To support the smooth operation of the vehicle, will be more effective and efficient, with installation effort InovaTrack Fleet Management System, which includes:

Tracking Device.

Tracking devices put equipment installed in vehicles that were monitored. tool This function calculates a vehicle's location using GPS technology. this tool is also serve to send the data to a central control location (Tracking Server) through communications network, in this case GPRS and GSM.

Fleet Management, Application.

This application works as follows:

• Receive data from the tracking device, record and analyze it.

• Provide a variety of reports.

• Interfacing with back end system.

Database Server.

Serves as a place to store all the data sent by the vehicle and Tracking Server analysis

Web Server.

Function to serve the user through the web interface. Besides this server also functions serve mobile users who use a PDA or smart phone.

Web Browser.

Used by the user to perform the monitoring and management and data vehicles via the Internet or Intranet.

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