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• Web-Based GIS
• Rich Internet Application (RIA)
• Standard-Based Technologies.
• Proven Open Source Components.

System Architecture can be seen in the picture below :

System Componen:

• Flash-Based User Interface

--> GIS GUI: InovaMap

--> Thematic Visualization: Corda OptiMap
• D-Map Web-Based Application using PHP
• Minnesota MapServer.
• PostgreSQL / PostGIS


• Flash-Based GIS User Interface.
• Compatible with standard map sources.

--> Web Map Service (WMS)

--> Web Feature Service (WFS)

--> Map Server (WMS)
• High performace.
• Interactive Map Navigation.
• Customizable.

Corda OptiMap

• Integrates easily with any web application server .
• Works with almost any data source.
• Made for rapid deployment .
• Ability to contain a variety of map images fed with on-demand dynamic data.
• Drill-down capabilities such as linking to other maps .
• Map layering allows users to create customized maps that combine and/or divide geographic areas.

Corda OptiMap picture :

Map Server

• Supports industry standard data formats and spatial databases (SHP, MIF, MID, PostGIS, Oracle Spatial).
• On-the-fly feature classification.
• Sophisticated rule-based labeling .
• On-the-fly projection for both raster and vector data.
• Provides a wide variety of spatial and attribute-based queries.
• Supports popular Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards including WMS, WFS and WCS.
• Leverages best-of-breed open source geospatial technologies such as GDAL/OGR, PostGIS and PROJ.4.
• Integrates with popular front-end environments such as InovaMap.


• PostGIS is a spatial extension for PostgreSQL.
• PostGIS follows the OpenGIS "Simple Features Specification for SQL" and has been certified as compliant with the "Types and Functions" profile.
• Offset complicated tasks to the DB server .

--> organization and indexing done for you (WMS)

--> do not have to re-implement operators (WFS)

--> do not have to re-implement functions
• Significantly lowers the development time of client applications.
• Spatial querying using SQL.

--> use simple SQL expressions to determine spatial relationships

--> use simple SQL expressions to perform spatial operations

Map Manager

• Desktop application for uploading spatial data files, such as MIF/MID Mapinfo dan ESRI SHP, to spatial database.
• Tool for database administrator to manage the spatial data.


• High performance.
• Upgradable and Expandable.
• Easy system setup and maintenance .
• Easy usage.
• Standard-based --> Compatibility.
• Low cost application.

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