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Communication system is able to guide users to get the radio to an empty frequency. Hence, in the communication, it will not sound by unauthorized parties. In other words, the system Single Site Digital Radio, Trunking provides secure options for its users to do the talks the two sides only, or in a group.

  • Configure System

  • In general, system configuration Digital Radio Trunking can be seen in the picture below :

    Configure Radio Trunking Digital

    Radio Trunking Digital single site:

    • Can be deployed on a network repeater that has been unfolding
    • Provide confidentiality between the user even in a single system
    • Code-style call PABX (telephone central) with each code has its own function.
    • Many functions even in the fiture interconnect different systems
    • Each user has an individual ID in accordance with his own choice
    • Display ID on the radio to radio calls
    • Expansion is very easy from a simple single site to multisite with impressive list of services
    • Low Operational Costs
    With installation Single Site Radio Trunking system is then expected to provide more services to the communication access needs of the movement in Shared environment is the existence of a safety system that is not allowed

    System Digital Radio Trunking Single Site is comprised of five main components, namely:

    • Tower infrastructure development at the site in accordance with the results of a survey done
    • Repeater on the tower placement in a suitable location to reach
    • Installation of a duplexer as a separator between the received signal with the emitted.
    • Installation of the controller board into the channel module unit at each repeater, and for every single channel extension module in the repeater will be linked controller board with a single unit
    • Installation of channel extension module in the unit repeater, each repeater unit can be paired two-channel unit extension module

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